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Viegli.lv congratulates the user Aizupietis of www.vieglicelot.lv with the opening of the first 100 objects! Good luck and look forward to the next 100. And thanks - shirt from the portal.  Who will be next?



Acorns for a family of wild boars.

Portal www.viegli.lv presents acorns for a family of wild boars. Bon appetit!



Congratulations to Kimi and mazLIELI, who have joined the most active user of the portal uudensmeitai, and have discovered more than 100 objects, wherewith have earned the difference simbol of the expert of portal viegliceļot.lv– T-shirt with an emblem of the portal. Enjoy wearing the T-shirt and hope the next objects will discover easily! Who of the portal users will be next?




More information – easier life!

Interview with Zintis Štelmahers – the man behind idea of portal vieglicelot.lv


How did you come to idea of portal vieglicelot.lv?

The idea is around 10 years old. It appeared during my first longer trip abroad. I knew the destination and thought, that the trip will be some 26 hours long. With the help of information found on the Internet, I wanted to plan the rest places, gas stations, and the optimum itinerary in order not to face unpleasant surprises during the trip. However, all this information was available on numerous websites. Moreover, there was only official information from the companies, but reality was very different. During the trip I started to think - it would be perfect if there was a comprehensive site on the Internet, where you could plan the route of your trip, as well as get visually acquainted with the places of interest at your travel destination, choose the most appropriate accommodation, read other travelers’ comments, as well as communicate with these people electronically in order to hear their advice on your trip… I was waiting, waiting, but such a site never appeared. And then the idea was born – why can’t it be me, who creates such a site?

What can people and companies learn from portal vieglicelot.lv?

The more people will post any information about any place worth seeing (a castle, shop, bistro, museum, public toilet, lake, etc.), the easier it will be when they travel themselves. Also, the more companies will place short info about their services, goods and the company itself, as well as use the opportunity to link their site through our portal, the more travelers may choose to visit their company during their trip. It would be nice to find useful information in advance, plan the itinerary, find out useful things so, that your trip does not turn into a nightmare fight with failures and misunderstandings. I am active user of the portal and have personally learned a lot of new and interesting things about the objects I “discovered” in Latvia.  In the course of time it turns into a hobby – to find a new and interesting place and then recommend or, on the contrary, not to recommend it to others. For companies it is an excellent opportunity to advertise them all over the world. At the moment our portal is visited from 95 countries, although in the huge internet information jungle we are newcomers, so to say – little kids.

What are your future plans for vieglicelot.lv?

Maximally expand the information available on our portal. But without users activity it is not possible to do it quickly and effectively. Therefore the first 25 companies are given the possibility to advertise in our portal free of charge throughout all their activity. Individuals – the most active discoverers (100 objects discovered) will be presented exclusive expert’s T-shirt.  There will be other prizes, too.

Are your future plans connected only with vieglicelot.lv?

Vieglicelot.lv is only one part of viegli.lv portal. There is also vieglifantazet.lv (interactive literary portal), the next project is under preparation. I want to prove that it is easy to live – to travel, dream, buy, sell, get acquainted. You must look at all things from the bright, positive and easy side. The people must mutually cooperate, must be active and the easy life must be created by common efforts. Therefore I would like to address all vieglicelot.lv visitors – be active, participate in creation of our portal – discover the world, comment the places already discovered, correspond with other users. If you miss something in order to make the use of the portal fun and easy – send your advice to me viegli@viegli.lv.  Let’s create the biggest and the best world guide!



Viegli.lv congratulates the user uudensmeita of www.vieglicelot.lv with the opening of the first 100 objects! Good luck and look forward to the next 100. And thanks - shirt from the portal.  Who will be next?