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Terms of Use

General Terms of Use.

1. vieglicelot.lv offers all internet users the possibility:
    • Discover and mark on the world map different existing objects – monuments, nuildings, objects of nature etc;
    • Create one’s own profile;
    • Participate in discussions and commentaries about the published works;
    • Exchange information, use the archive of published materials, watch photo and/or post them oneself.
2.  Here you a register as vieglicelot.lv user www.vieglicelot.lv (further in the text – vieglicelot.lv). After registration you are granted authorized Access to portal. All registered personal data of vieglicelot.lv users are protected according to legislation of Latvian Republic.  Authorized Access takes place by identifying oneself with user’s email address and password. In addition to services and possibilities available to all non-registered internet users, the registered users can create their own vieglicelot.lv profiles.


3. Public access is anonymous – vieglicelot.lv is accessible to everyone without identifying oneself with e-mail address and password.


4. General Terms of Use of www.viegli.lv are binding to all vieglicelot.lv users, regardless of the fact weather he/she is a user of this portal or not.


5. At any moment you can cancel your participation in registered user’s status by deleting your registration data.


6. Vieglicelot.lv is entitled to change these Terms at any time and the changes come into effect at the moment of publication on vieglicelot.lv.


7. If you are having problems - write to viegli@viegli.lv.




1. In order to place photo files, you must become a registered user.


2. Photo files can be placed either in one’s own profile, creating albums, or in the profile of object.


3. Materials protected by copyrights, neighboring rights or other rights, must not be published , unless the user is not the owner of these rights or the owner of rights has not passed to him/her  the rights to distribute the materials.

4.  By publishing photo files, the Publisher agrees that they will be available to all viewers of portal. Vieglicelot.lv does not guarantee that the photo files will not be downloaded and used outside vieglicelot.lv. By placing photo files the user takes full responsibility about their compatibility with vieglicelot.lv terms and national legislation. The Publisher of material by publishing the photo confirms that he/she is the author of the published material, or he/she has obtained the necessary permission to publish the materials. It is prohibited to place materials for commercial or advertising purposes without consent of administration of the portal. Vieglicelot.lv user, who has published the materials, is responsible for personal claims of people seen on the photos in connection with copyright and neighboring rights violations. 

5. It is prohibited to publish on vieglicelot.lv:
    •  Photo files, which violate the legislation of the Latvia Republic, calls to racial or international hatred, abuse human dignity, calls to unlawful activity or contain pornographic sights;
    • Photo files with copyright restrictions.

6. The user names containing :  
     • ID code;  
     • Phone number; 
     • Rude expressions, calls for violence, expressions of race-hatred, or words not complying to moral and ethical standards in any   other way;  
      • Abusive informationare forbidden for registration.


Violators will be blocked from usage of vieglicelot.lv.


The use of photo materials is implemented according to Copyright Law of the Latvian Republic and other normative acts of Latvian republic, as well as system security and protection activities.