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About viegli ceļot

The more objects, the easier to travel!



About  vieglicelot.lv („Easy to Travel”)


Millions of people around the world are constantly moving. They go to restaurants, shops, exhibition halls, museums, salons. Enjoy the life by sea or ocean. Maybe just visit the school or shop of one’s native town. After these visits everybody forms his/her opinion about the things seen and enjoyed. Was it worth to visit the place or not? Maybe you should have gone elsewhere, but did not have sufficient information? How easy and nice would it be, if before journey you could find out everything about the destination point in common information base! Therefore, viegli ceļot asks everyone to join efforts in creating this information library. In order to become the information collector it is not important, if you are a businessman, politician, school-kid, student, pensioner, employee or unemployed. It is not necessary to travel outside your town or village. Take a picture of the shop you are going everyday, or whose owner you are. Take a picture of your school, club, and museum. Take a picture and place it in the library with your comments. Together we will create virtual information basis, containing comprehensive, thus objective information about the places around the world. Together we will discover the world in virtual space. Embarking on a journey we will be well informed and the journey will turn out pleasant, interesting and full of nice adventures. Create your own library of memories, communicate with likeminded fellows, and create your travel route. Be active and you will be rewarded. The most active users of the portal will get prizes.


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The more information, the easier to travel!